Dane Page


While we might not have the answers to life, Page’s gentle-hearted folk music reminds us that even in the darkest of days, there’s still beauty around us
— NPR Music "Heavy Rotation"
The songs on Dane Page’s first full-length album, “Selma,” are rooted in classic songwriting, but are set in a varied, imaginative soundscape. This is folk music with an adventurous spirit and without any preconceived notions about what folk music should sound like. The developing verses, the easy going acoustic work, and the believable folk style in his vocal all put him on the map as a folk artist on the rise.
— Glide Magazine

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Page writes with an old school folk flair that I really appreciate. This recording puts me in mind of an artist that I really love by the name of Jeffrey Martin. Page’s writing is also reminiscent of Joe Purdy, another timeless folk artist. If you’re catching on here, these are also two of my favorite guys making music right now. Page is easily in that company.
— Ear to the Ground Music


Dane Page is a singer-songwriter living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Influenced by the traditions of Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie, his music reflects the complexities of modern life while keeping true to the simple tenets of songwriting. Dane’s lyrics weave listeners through Greek mythology, 20th Century literature, and American history while telling stories of love, loss, happiness, and pain. His music pulls from contemporary folk artists like Josh Ritter and Gregory Alan Isakov, but also ventures into sounds reminiscent of The War on Drugs and Tame Impala.

Dane Page continues to tour through the southeast and mid-Atlantic in support of his independently produced EP City to City. A collection of bawdy, rambler tunes perfect for taprooms, bars, and breweries. Selma (Summer 2018) will be his first full-length record. Selma is a more mature album that pushes the boundaries of folk and gives Dane the space to fully develop his sound.

Dane is a storyteller perfect for intimate rooms where audiences can delve into the imagery and lyricism of his songs. The full band—Eric Fellner on bass, Kevin Orlando on guitar, and Josh Kelley on drums—is a dynamic act taking Dane’s solo storytelling ability and adding an infectious blend of folk, rock, and blues capable of filling music halls and festival stages. In either setting, listeners are welcomed into the music and leave feeling like old friends after a bonfire.

This is my new album, Selma, released June 16th 2018

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